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The Lunatics 2: Push, Tumble & Fall

Chapter One

​It had been nine months since the break-up.

To tell you the truth, when CS walked out on me and left Laurels, it blew me sideways and hit me on the temple like a two-ton fist. But as painful as that sounds, I learned to live with it. The misery had become comforting, consoling, a negotiation of a cloudy understanding I had made with myself—with my broken heart, that is.

Maybe a corrupt way to live, but it was my way, and my way, I was always good with.

But what I was not okay with, not even a little, was to tell you, or anyone else, the reason why CS had left me. Because, most of all, it was embarrassing. I was embarrassed that I had fallen into such a stupid trap. The kind of trap that you always asked yourself how it happened to others because surely, it would never happen to you. You would never make such a stupid mistake.  KEEP READING

The Lunatics 

Chapter One

“Will you guys please, just leave me alone?” I said jumping into my bed and hoping they would close the door on their way out.

“Myla, you cannot continue skipping school and acting as if you are emancipated. You are throwing your life away. Your mother and I are not going to stand for this.” He wasn’t yelling. He never did no matter how much I tested them. But I knew dad was at his end with me. “If you continue to disrespect our house rules, your mother and I will have no choice but to send you to boarding school.”

I stared out the window. I didn’t want to look at them. I had seen this picture a billion times and frankly, it was boring me to tears: Dad reprimanded while Mom cried a little. She never said much except that she loved me, and if I would just focus my energy on something positive I could get far in life, be anything I wanted. I was focusing on being left alone, but apparently, it wasn’t working. I knew I was being difficult, and that I was probably wrong in all of this, but who cared? I didn’t. My parents couldn’t control me no matter how hard they tried. I did what I wanted. When I wanted.

The Lunatics is a fresh new taste of YA fiction novels Kindle - Jenny Sanders "The Lunatics is a fresh new taste of YA fiction novels. If you're looking for an exciting, adventurous, can't-wait-to-see-what-happens-next kinda book...this is it! Within the first few chapters I fell in love with the character Myla and her "against the grain" personality and ballsy attitude. She leads your through this twisted tale that is her reality facing new surprises that literally take you on a ride with her! " Super fun read Amazon Customer "Super fun read. The minute you open the book the author takes you into her world and holds your hand tight right up until the cliffhanger end. Now I really want to go to San Francisco and walk the streets looking for The Lunatics." Love the ending! Amazon Customer "I was so looking forward to read this book since I read "The Lunatics". I thought Push, Tumble and Fall is continuation of The Lunatics but no. Very gripping story! Though fantasy, it is very close to real life. The Author weaves a fantasy story to spread the following messages: 1. Belief in love, 2. Trust in intuition, 3. Find hope in despairing heart

Would I use the power to help people in pain? Amazon Customer "What I love about The Lunatics is the power to "take away all your pain and suffering and all in exchange of your sanity." What an amazing concept, but not that surprising in a book written with such originality. You would think that anyone with that kind of power must be in control of their own life.

Guess again. It's a complicated book with complex characters sent to unravel these unusual ailments. It is written with style and substance. Following the lead character, Myla Blackbird through her journey will nail you to the pages, one after the other. A very satisfying read. "
Haunting, Entrancing, a Great Read Kindle hermshark "Full disclosure - I loved The Lunatics, and I was very excited for Push, Tumble, & Fall. I was a little caught off guard, though, because it's NOT the same book - darker, to be sure - but it was still awesome. Seven has the uncanny ability to paint a picture with her prose that makes you feel like you're literally standing next to the POV character, smelling her perfume, watching her life unfold. I have never been to New Orleans, but I could tell you what the place sounds like, tastes like, feels like. The prose here is poetic at times, dodgy at times, and just plain good fun. Highly recommended. "

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