Seven N Blue

Award-winning author Seven N Blue.
Creator of The Lunatics Series.

"Push, Tumble & Fall"
First Place Winner at Paris Book Festival 2018

Have you ever had your heart so broken that you don't even care anymore? A TwinFlame love story that will keep you turning pages. 

Push, Tumble & Fall won first place in the Paris Book Festival and it's the second book in The Lunatics Series. 

"The Lunatics"
Placed Top 5% as Amazon Breakthrough Novel


A story about a misfit girl who, one morning, finds both her parents are dead. Written by award-winning author, Seven N Blue.  The Lunatics it's the first book in The Lunatics Series. 

"In a genre previously dominated by vampires and other pop supernatural
icons, the author has crafted something different and original set in a borderland somewhere between the realms of sanity and madness."


Miami Tribune Newspaper

Seven N Blue After Party, By Marco Rocco

Although her protagonists are typically young adults the themes not always are. She is the creator of the characters The Lunatics.
The Lunatics (2013), and The Lunatics: Push Tumble & Fall (2018).

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