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Creator of The Lunatics Series.

"Push, Tumble & Fall"
First Place Winner at Paris Book Festival 2018

Push, Tumble & Fall is the Paris Book Festival 1st Place, Winner. 

New Orlean’s Myla Blackbird has a gift some would consider a curse. She can heal the broken and the dammed, and all for the small price of their sanity. But when her boyfriend leaves her abruptly, she herself begins to fall apart. Everybody tells her she's crazy, to forget him, that it was all nothing but a dream. But Myla can't forget the feeling. A love story with an unforgettable ending.

Push, Tumble & Fall is the second book in The Lunatics Series. 

"The Lunatics"
Top 5% on Amazon Breakthrough Novel

Another blackout night.

Myla drank too much. Again.

She sees the bloody scratches on her leg.

Panic sets in as scattered memories from the evening surface. The Persian guy, the Junkie girl. The streets of San Francisco are not friendly to girls with fake ID’s. And especially harsh to arrogant ones like Myla.

But she knows something is wrong. Fatally, and irreversibly wrong. Nothing would ever be the same again….

not after the wrath of The Lunatics.

You’ll love this fast paced adventure novel because everyone loves the freedom of breaking all the rules.

Get it now.

Seven N Blue is a first place winner at the Paris Book Festival for the Young Adult Fiction category. The Lunatics is book one of the series.

"In a genre previously dominated by vampires and other pop supernatural
icons, the author has crafted something different and original set in a borderland somewhere between the realms of sanity and madness."


Miami Tribune Newspaper

Seven N Blue After Party, By Marco Rocco

 Seven N Blue is the creator of the The Lunatics.
The Lunatics (2013), and The Lunatics: Push Tumble & Fall (2018).

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