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Award-winning author Seven N Blue.
Creator of The Lunatics Series.

"Push, Tumble & Fall"
First Place Winner at Paris Book Festival 2018

Listen. We don’t always get to choose who we are, I’ve learned that the hard way. I have the power to take all your suffering away in exchange for every ounce of your sanity. But don’t worry, it’s only temporary and you’ll thank me for it later. They always do. But the joke is on me, because I can fix almost anyone but no one can fix me.

See. My boyfriend left me abruptly, and now I'm fkn falling apart. So, I might as well be upfront with you.

If you’re looking for a story with a feel-good superhero, then this is not the tale for you. But if you’re looking for a misfit with nothing to believe in and nothing to lose - then you found her.

My name is Myla Blackbird. And I'm with The Order of The Lunatics.

The Lunatics: Push, Tumble & Fall won first place in the Paris Book Festival 2018.

"The Lunatics"
Placed Top 5% as Amazon Breakthrough Novel

Look - being boring was definitely not my scene. I was ready for gulp, ciggies, and cutting class - any day of the week. And I was fine. Totally fine. Until I met him. The tattoo artist. Christian Lunatic. He told me life as I knew it would forever change.... Of course, I didn't believe his ridiculous statement for one second…until I found both my parents dead. And suddenly, all these insane family secrets and lies begin to surface - and I am left with no choice but to run the streets of San Francisco’s seedy side to find out the truth about my parent's death. …And I feel like I am going crazy.... But the truth of it all.. is that I can make you crazy... because you see...I must steal the sanity of mortals for my own survival. My name is Myla Su Blackbird and me and my kind....are The Lunatics.

"In a genre previously dominated by vampires and other pop supernatural
icons, the author has crafted something different and original set in a borderland somewhere between the realms of sanity and madness."


Miami Tribune Newspaper

Seven N Blue After Party, By Marco Rocco

Although her protagonists are typically young adults the themes not always are. She is the creator of the characters The Lunatics.
The Lunatics (2013), and The Lunatics: Push Tumble & Fall (2018).

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