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Push, Tumble & Fall: First Place Winner of Paris Book Festival 2018

Listen. We don’t always get to choose who we are, I’ve learned that the hard way. I have the power to take all your suffering away in exchange for every ounce of your sanity. But don’t worry, it’s only temporary and you’ll thank me for it later. They always do. But the joke is on me, because I can fix almost anyone but no one can fix me.

See. My boyfriend left me abruptly, and now I'm fkn falling apart. So, I might as well be upfront with you.

If you’re looking for a story with a feel-good superhero, then this is not the tale for you. But if you’re looking for a misfit with nothing to believe in and nothing to lose - then you found her.

My name is Myla Blackbird. And I'm with The Order of The Lunatics.

The Lunatics: Push, Tumble & Fall won first place in the Paris Book Festival 2018.



The Lunatics: Placed at Top 5% on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest of 2012


Look - being boring was definitely not my scene. I was ready for gulp, ciggies, and cutting class - any day of the week. And I was fine. Totally fine. Until I met him. The tattoo artist. Christian Lunatic. He told me life as I knew it would forever change.... Of course, I didn't believe his ridiculous statement for one second…until I found both my parents dead. And suddenly, all these insane family secrets and lies begin to surface - and I am left with no choice but to run the streets of San Francisco’s seedy side to find out the truth about my parent's death. …And I feel like I am going crazy.... But the truth of it all.. is that I can make you crazy... because you see...I must steal the sanity of mortals for my own survival. My name is Myla Su Blackbird and me and my kind....are The Lunatics.




 "In a genre previously dominated by vampires and other pop supernatural
icons, the author has crafted something different and original set in a borderland somewhere between the realms of sanity and madness."

Gary Allan Ruse

Miami Tribune Newspaper

 Although her protagonists are typically young adults the themes not always are. She is the creator of the characters The Lunatics.

 The Lunatics (2013), and The Lunatics: Push Tumble & Fall (2018).


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I think this is the author’s first book – (I have to admit I bought the book because the author’s name was so different! lol!) – I hope she writes a sequel to this! Its just cool – its weird – different – lovely. Authors are supposed to have imagination – Seven N Blue surely delivers.
Myla is not your average “pushover” (i think some of you know who I’m talking about!) – Myla is human. All complete with an enormous ego (and an – all unmentioned insecurities) She feels misunderstood – and somehow she pushes everyone away – including her parents. And like the old saying goes….you don’t know what you have until its gone. Myla’s devil-may-care attitude, the larger than life characters (dollface!), and the beautifully and “so-urban” crafted adventure is what make this book a read that will take you one afternoon.

I highly recommend The Lunatics – its a fun one to read in a slumber party passing around too (by candlelight and popcorn!). Each chapter ends on a cliffhanger!



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If I had to chose one adjective to describe this read it would be FUN! Well, if you are into adventures! This book is so much fun! I felt like I was actually walking down the streets of San Francisco, getting into all kinds of shenanigans! But I think its also incredibly beautiful - the thought of a coven of witches whose sole job is to "fix" people (into delirium) - is just amazing. Digged Christian Lunatic but I cant wait to meet the androgynous Deadorian at Laurels Asylum in Louisiana!


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This is such a great read. I really liked Myla's voice and her view of life and people - she is a dreamer like most of us, but stuck in a dark place (ironically enough created by her own mind - isn't that often the case!!) - she doesn't even know what she cares about until its gone - and suddenly, she is so aware of her solitude - haven't we all been there some time or other. This book, to me, is dark, witty, and an an enjoyable read...yeah...odd combination - this author has some kind of imagination - when I was reading it, it almost felt like I was reading a graphic novel - I don't know how she captures that essence but it feels almost like a new writing to me. Urban Fantasy in a whole new light!!!

Earl A. Brown

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Super fun read. The minute you open the book the author takes you into her world and holds your hand tight right up until the cliffhanger end. Now I really want to go to San Francisco and walk the streets looking for The Lunatics.

Juan Carlos Mendez

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Vertigo spirals, alternate lives, a touch of magic, characters you wish you could meet in person! I've read a lot of YA, and i have to say that this is a fresh outlook on the "villan." Forget vampires, witches and warlocks. The grim reaper's got competition. Hooray for the Lunatics


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I looooove Myla's voice. She is such a kick-ass character. And can I just say THANK YOU for writing a book that wasn't about vampires and the tired-old witches?! OMG! Stealing peoples sanity? Really?? The book is such an easy read because Myla's voice is amazing!!!


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Here's the deal with me... I buy a lot of books, read the first few chapters,... and that's about it. To put it plain and simply, I get bored, really bored, really fast. Twilight, Hunger Games, The Notebook, to name a few. I truly thought I just didn't like reading.

The Lunatics proved that to be wrong!!! I could not put it down!! I am a mother and wife,... so that makes me pretty busy, but every "free" moment I had, I was reading The Lunatics on my little iPhone!!

It is exciting from BEGINNING TO END!!! Otherwise, I wouldn't have finished it!!!!!

Tanya N/ Tull

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I have to say that I usually don't read a book in one afternoon- BUT, it was really crazy I could not put my book down I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. The characters were really unique..

The Lunatics proved that to be wrong!!! I could not put it down!! I am a mother and wife,... so that makes me pretty busy, but every "free" moment I had, I was reading The Lunatics on my little iPhone!!

It is exciting from BEGINNING TO END!!! Otherwise, I wouldn't have finished it!!!!!


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Def a good read. Put on your list for 2013 if you enjoy the paranormal, the romance and a bit of bad girl!

Jennifer Das

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“This is not your average book about magic! These characters are dark, conflicted, and sexy. Myla is a character whose style and bravery and tempered by her confusion about the crazy turns her life is taking. The book is full of action, magic, and a little mystery, and the plot is full of surprises–great book!”

Beth Hull

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