Movies that Rock: The Runaways

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I know, I know….”rock” used as an adjective should really go on “the list” sooner than later.  But I couldn’t help the pun on this…since The Runaways is about the famous rock band from the seventies. I can’t even remember … Continued It is finally here!

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Hey Everyone! Great information today!  If you have not registered for the FREE writer’s conference on-line for August do it right now!  A writers’ conference on line? Yeap! That’s right!  And it’s Free? Yes! I found out about it in … Continued

To My Great Friend Joe M.

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Every once in a while, down the turbulent path of life, you meet someone who changes your spirit for good. For Kris and I, it was two people.  Connie and Joe. Today, our great friend Joe transitioned into spirit.  He … Continued

Writing: How To Get Started

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For aspiring writers, it can become difficult to start their novel.  Writing a novel means finding a spot in your day to start working on it, and really committing to that schedule.  There is really no other “magical tactic” to … Continued

Book Review: Crank

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So here it is.  The big reveal.  I have been reading Crank by Ellen Hopkins. And yes. This is how must of the book is written.                              … Continued

Post #70 and Ft. Lauderdale

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Welcome to Post #70. Lots of things going on.                      Make it a quick one. Notice the way I have been writing my posts this week.                                         Revelation on Monday. Today/Tomorrow – Ft. Lauderdale. Father-in-law and Amy here from California. Revelation on … Continued