“Bam! That just happened!”

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Dearly Debloggers, Seven is having a major week this week! Did she just talk about herself in the third person?  Yeah, she did. Oops, and she did it again! Okay, back to me. Yeah, let’s talk about me some more … Continued

Book Review: The Body Finder

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By Kimberly Derting.  Yes, yes, yes! Another book title I picked up at the writeoncon conference. The Body Finder follows Violet, a teenage girl who can hear the dead calling to her.  Specifically the dead that have been unjustly murdered, … Continued

1200 Words A Day Challenge Check In

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Wow.  This is such a great challenge…I have been pretty dutifully writing my 1200 a day! Even when I don’t feel like writing, I sit down and do it and amazingly enough…something happens in my story. Things to keep in … Continued

Book Review: I Know It’s Over

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Wow. Okay.  This was very hard to read.  Not because it was a bad novel….nope, not by a long shot, but because it deals with a very scary subject for any teen.  Pregnancy. Told from a genius male point of … Continued

1200 A Day Kickoff!

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On your marks!Get set!Go! Welcome to the official “1200 Words A day” Kickoff! *take a minute and introduce yourself in the 1200 words a day tab (see above) – tell us what you are hoping to complete! *make sure you … Continued

1200 A Day Countdown!

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Tips to prepare for kickoff! Get your idea notebook ready. Pencil an hour in your busy schedule to write your first 1200 words. Commit to the challenge.  If you miss one day, remember to double up on the next. Trust … Continued