Instead of Killing Yourself

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by Derrick C. Brown wait until a year from now where you say, “Holy fuck, I can’t believe I was going to kill myself before I etcetera’d… before I went skinny dipping in Tennessee, made my own IPA, tried out … Continued

Amanda Hocking & Perseverance

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Dearly DeBloggers, I subscribe to Taleist newsletter (and you should too!) – and I wanted to share with you today’s entry. Just to further drive the point home…Amazon did (is doing) to traditional publishing what Steve Jobs did to the … Continued

Who Cares?

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Dearly DeBloggers, Just wanna do a quick check in. I’m in the west coast this week at my super secret job. So its only natural that I am listening to “West Coast” by Coconut Records [youtube=] At any rate – I’ve … Continued

Cold Shower Really is a Blessing…

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Dearly Debloggers, Here’s a song that doesn’t get enough air play. Talk about Surreal… Cold Shower by Salem Al Fakir “I thought I was the greatest one….of course I wasn’t!”