About Seven N Blue

About Seven N Blue

Seven N Blue is an award-winning young adult novelist and the creator of the characters The Lunatics.

The Lunatics: Push, Tumble & Fall Winner of Paris Book Festival 2018

The Lunatics Top 5% in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

Seven is a: Lollipop connoisseur, straight edge advocate, a fan of Marco Rocco, EDM lover & part-time boy-dresser (okay, so maybe she just likes Top Hats).

Seven was: Born in Madrid, Spain and the product of Cuban parents.

When Seven was Four: She was convinced she was Pinocchio (we all have our Male Marionette Phase, right?)

Her Favorite Things Include:

Getting high on sugary drinks, fun-yelling, going to grungy carnivals dolled-up, all things juxtapose, taking random photo shoots & videos, running anytime she can (like to the car or down the aisle at the grocery store), and a boy who spells his name with two m's.

Her biggest sources of inspiration include: The human condition, art, people with strong convictions about their beliefs, music, music, music, and her perfect little boy.

She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

Seven N Blue lives in San Francisco.

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The Lunatics 2: Push, Tumble & Fall


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