About Seven N Blue

Seven N Blue is an award-winning young adult novelist and the creator of the characters The Lunatics.

The Lunatics: Push, Tumble & Fall (2018) Winner of Paris Book Festival 2018

The Lunatics (2013) Top 5% in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

Other quick facts about our Seven:

Seven NBlue is a: Lollipop connoisseur, straight edge advocate, a fan of Marco Rocco, EDM lover & part-time boy-dresser.

Seven Was: Born In Madrid, Spain and the product of Cuban parents.

When Seven Was Four: She Was Convinced She was Pinocchio (we all have our Male Marionette Phase, right?)

No one (except two people in the whole world) know the meaning of her pen name.

Her Favorite Things Include:

Getting high on sugary drinks, fun-yelling, going to grungy carnivals all dolled-up, all things juxtapose, taking random photo shoots & videos, running anytime she can (like to the car or down the aisle at the grocery store), and keeping her Prince a secret from the public eye.

The human condition, art, people with strong convictions about their beliefs, music, music, music, and her perfect little boy are her biggest sources of inspiration.

She graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing.

Seven NBlue lives in San Francisco.