Writing: How To Get Started

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For aspiring writers, it can become difficult to start their novel.  Writing a novel means finding a spot in your day to start working on it, and really committing to that schedule.  There is really no other “magical tactic” to use.

What about inspiration?

Yeah, what about it.  Inspiration is a beautiful thought…really. But not what most of the process entails.  I get inspired by many things; a conversation with a friend, a song, a video, a phrase someone says, a painting…but that inspiration lasts only hours, or sometimes, if I am lucky, a couple of days.  The rest of the time inspiration comes from sitting down and just doing it.

If you just sit your butt in the chair and commit to a schedule, believe me, you will write your novel.

What about writing groups?

If you have never written a novel before and really want to start, a writing group can be a great thing. It gives you a commitment.  You know you have to write a chapter  every week because your group will be critiquing your work.  But it also creates that space in your soul…you are now hanging out with other fellow writers trying to achieve the same thing.  Also, reading other’s work is incredibly inspiring…if you are having a tough time getting started on your novel, join a writing group.  It can do wonders.

What’s going on with me? I am taking a break due to my living situation – which will change August 1st! Yay!  I hope to recharge my batteries this month, get my family moved into a place of our own (away from The Tribe…which has been wonderful, but its time to go), and soon…I will have that corner space where I can pick up on STARR again. In the meantime, all the characters have been swimming in my head, begging me to talk to them.  Give them another scene…take them on an adventure!

Now go get your butt in the chair.  And remember. The first draft can be crappy.  The ideas will flow, the inspiration will come.  Trust the creative process.  It is, divine, after all.

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