Cuban Royal Tea : A Friday Night Outing

Last Friday night I went out with a motley crew.  No, not some crazy college kids. And no.  Not some crazy bachelorette party.

Worse. Much much worse.

My mother (70), my aunt (62), and my sister (she says she’s 32).  All of them, of course, 100% born and raised Cuban Queens.

My aunt, who is retired, is constantly following Latin artists and TV personalities.  She goes to as many tapings of Latin TV shows (yeap, Univision), and frequents the local theater.  Many stars know her just because they see her all the time.  My aunt is sort of “famous” for being her (much like Paris Hilton, except, eh…just a little chunkier than Paris).  My aunt began back in the day taking photos of famous artists and asking them for their email address to send them the pics (I know, sort of genius – and I can’t hardly believe it works – this lady is not shy – she will walk up to anyone at anytime).

We had tickets for “Mariloly’s” 30th year Anniversary show.  Mariloly is a Cuban drag queen who has been performing variety shows for over 30 years (yes, I said Cuban drag queen and variety show all in the same sentence). The show was phenomenal.  For twenty five dollars I laughed, I cried, I pondered political situations and worried about planet earth, and then I laughed again for almost three hours.  What a deal! Mariloly and her entourage of singers, actors, comics and drag queens were fabulous.

After the show my aunt introduced us to Mariloly.  We were all very excited to meet her!

It was almost midnight and we were starving.  Being in the middle of Calle Ocho (Calle Ocho is like Fifth Avenue for the Cubans), we decided to go grab a bite at Versailles.  Versailles is one of the oldest Cuban restaurants in Miami, and their food is amazing! We ordered almost everything on the menu! Among our selections were fried plantains, Fufu de platano (mashed green plantains with garlic and salt), empanadas (meat pies), croquetas (fried ham paties), tamal (mashed corn wrapped in corn husks), plantain soup, fried pork, just to name a few.  I am getting hungry just writing this! Cuban food is very tasty!

And to drink? Nothing would be complete without a “cafe con leche” (milk and coffee…sort of like a cafe Au Lait).

Once we had all the food sitting right in front of us and we were all ready to pig out…we noticed that very handsome guys were coming into the restaurant. Who were these handsome men interrupting our Cuban feast? They were famous soap opera stars!

Apparently (and I did not know this since I have recently moved to Miami after being gone for almost 15  years!), Versailles Restaurant,  after midnight, becomes a hangout for the Cuban and Latin Royal Tea.

Christian de La Fuente (A Chilean heart throb soap star!) got to take his picture with my sister and I! Was he lucky or what? He he he.

de La Fuente was very gracious!
Here’s my sister and I with Christian de La Fuente at three am at Versailles Restaurant last Friday night! (Me top sister bottom)

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