San Francisco Writers Conference

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San Francisco Writers Conference

San Francisco Writers Conference


Pictured here with Micahel Larsen, Co-founder of San Francisco’s Writer’s Conference.

Dearly DeBloggers,

I’ll give you the skinny fairly quickly because quite frankly, no one has that much time to read or that long of an attention span. In fact, I can’t believe you’re still reading.

How was it?

If was amazing. My first time attending and here’s what happened:

  1. I met a ton of cool writers from all over the world.
  2. The Rogue Collective just happened! A few local writers and I began to chitchat about getting a monthly group together. After all, this is our time. Enough with you Beats. Fast forward 2 weeks? We got 10 of the best and brightest and hungriest writers from sci-fi, to YA, to speculative fiction, to “they keep telling me its YA, but then they tell me its Speculative Fiction” (P. Seymour, that one was for you). So now, the 10 of us, have a Slack channel and everything. Stay tuned for our live readings and just romping about in San Francisco.
  3. I met some great agents, and one editor I really liked (You can email me at if you wanna know who!) She’s YA FYI.
  4. Went to some crazy dinners with Harvey. Who is Harvey.¬†Exactly. It’s part of the #sfwc18 experience.

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