Years: Featured Poem by Kassandra Jones

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This little gem I found in my in-box this morning. Thank you, Ms. Jones.


by Kassandra Jones


After you

I kept going to the light my soul had seen

When we were together

Laughing like children

I told you it was a gift

Nothing ever sounded the same

Moments of other happiness

Now fill my days

And I’ve given up finally

The fight that there will be true love for me

And if the worse thing that can happen is that I will cry sometimes

Then I am okay with that

You regret it so

I tried to tell you

But like with everything you touch

You turned it into fear

And even with him I make it work

He has everything any woman would want

And my heart still never felt that joy

It made when it ran down the street w you

But like everything I touch

It turns to gold

Those were the best days of your life

Now you are sad drowning in your work, the stale now changed life.

You will die at 65

And the last frame won’t be her

It will be one of me and you dancing on the beach.

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