Book Review: Cylcer by Lauren Mclaughlin

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I read about this book in some agent’s blog, can’t remember who.  The plot is very different.  Jill is a seventeen year old girl who is normal in ever way except….she becomes Jack for four days a month (instead of a menstrual cycle…she has a male cycle).

I know…can you imagine the possibilities of where you can take this plot?

This kind of plot I think falls into the magic realism realm versus fantasy, don’t you think? I suppose its hard to tell.

The chapters are written intermittent between Jack and Jill. I think Jack sometimes sounds more like a forty-five year old trucker than a teenage boy, but I think what the author is trying to imply is that Jack…is….well….incredibly lustful for “carnal love.” Which makes sense, after all, he’s seventeen and incredibly frustrated since he comes out during Jill’s menstrual cycle and only four days a month!

Some of the characters seemed a little two dimensional at times, but the tale itself is so inventive, it keeps the reader turning the pages.  The book ends in the perfect spot, ready for the sequel; Re Cycler.  I will definitely be reading the sequel.

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