Book Review: Fade

Fade is the second book in the Wake trilogy by Lisa McMann.

It follows a seventeen year old high school girl, Janie Hannagan, while she works as an undercover narc for the police. Jannie has a very special gift, she can jump into people’s dreams, allowing her to solve the most of unsolvable crimes. Her job is to bust high school drug rings as well as sexual predators. Unfortunately, her gift comes with a price.

The first twenty-five pages were very hard to get through. I kept wanting to yell, “PLEASE, someone EDIT THIS BOOK!” But then I realized what the author was doing, and how well…it was refreshing. I was thankful that an agent somewhere (Michael Bourett) – saw McMann’s talent and didn’t get his best editors all over it.

The book is written in third point of view, with a quick pace present tense narration and realistic dialogue. It is very reminiscent of the movie Brick, and it certainly has that pulp fiction/film noir feel.

It was nice to hear the young adult voice in a very non young adulty way…if you catch my drift.

My favorite part of the book was how McMann achieved sexual tension between Janie and her boyfriend Cabel (another undercover narc) – and also between Janie and her “supposedly creepy yet handsome” twenty six year old teacher, Dave.

All in all, I found the story to stay with me. High school, drugs, sexual predators, dream catchers, cute boyfriend, pretty memorable. I will definitely read the rest of the trilogy.

Out of ten magic wands, I give it an 8.

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