My Latest Novel: The Innocents (Young Adult Urban Fantasy)

Sneaking out to go clubbing in San Francisco is just another regular night for sixteen year old Myla Blackbird. She likes to drink, smoke and cut class because anything else is too predictable, responsible, and worst of all….boring.

One night she meets Christian, a handsome and clairvoyant tattoo artist. To her surprise he won’t buy her a drink or let her smoke a cigarette. When he reveals to her that life, as she knows it, is about to vanish, Myla shrugs off his bizarre statement. But before she has time to forget about Christian and his odd predictions, she finds her parents dead in their bed—poisoned. Her perfect world shatters as she copes with their deaths and learns more about her family’s mysterious past of secrets and lies.

Christian frequently appears and disappears, always with a conspicuous girl on his arm. Wondering if she is suffering from hallucinations, and afraid she may lose her cousin Bug, the only person she’s ever been close to, Myla must come to terms with what Christian tells her she really is: an immortal witch who must steal the sanity of others in order to ensure her own survival.

As she runs through the streets, bars, and tattoo shops of San Francisco, trying to piece together a life she has never known, Myla is dependent on Christian, her guide into her new magical world. Despite her reluctance because of his apparent playboy status, she finds herself succumbing to Christian’s charms.

Geared to a young adult audience THE INNOCENTS is a 60,000 word urban fantasy exploring themes of alcoholism, insanity, and love, while reinventing witches in a way never seen before. It will appeal to fans of Scott Westerfeld’s Peeps and Richelle Mead’sVampire Academy series.

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