The Boo Chair

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My darling nephew Lucas, who is six years old, is all macho.  He loves John Cena (the wrestler), wants to be a soldier when he grows up, and loves to play with guns, bats, balls, swords, bikes, skateboards, marbles, the works.  He is all boy – in every sense of the word, and at six, he even has the macho voice to accompany his all boy persona.  Picture this husky six year old boy, who believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, speaking all rough and masculine. He is so funny!

Lucas is one of those kids that all kids like – he has a million “best friends” (and a million girlfriends).

And in some ways he is very mature, he loves and cares for little babies, for example, and he talks about wanting to be a daddy when he grows up.

But I will tell you three things about Lucas (besides his belief in Santa and TF), that make him truly a six year old.

1) He still drinks his strawberry milk out of a bottle.

2) He is deathly afraid of Bloody Mary (yes, I felt free to perpetuate the myth. Bad Auntie. “If you turn off the lights in your room and hold a candle in front of the mirror, and turn around thirteen times saying Bloody Mary, she will appear in the mirror, coming at you with a knife!).  Naturally, he believed every word and went to school the next day and spread the news.  Word has it that some kids at Lucas’ school have already seen her! I know I have. At least I know I did for sure when I was six.

3) When we are at restaurants, he likes to sit in a booster seat (and nope, he doesn’t need one).  Lucas calls it “Boo Chair” – complete with animated hands and scary voice inflection. “Auntie, it’s the Booooooo Chair.”

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