Keeping My Own Counsel

Each morning I read an excerpt from the book Spirit is Calling during my (very short because I have a toddler) morning meditation.  The book was given to me by one of the most amazing women I have ever met in my life, my friend Connie. She taught me so many things about life in the short time we were together that I really consider her an angel God sent.

Today’s entry is a great exercise for writer’s block.  I hope it helps somebody somewhere. Here it is:
Keeping My Own Counsel
Listening to your intuition means having adequate quiet time that is undisturbed by other input such as opinions of friends and loved ones, advertising or entertainment.
Try this. Really slow down for a half hour and give yourself over entirely to the moment as if there is absolutely nowhere else you need to be and nothing else you need to be doing. Don’t tell anyone else what you are doing and why. Grant this to yourself so that you are creating an intimate point in time where you are willing to deeply listen to your intuition.
Keep a pen close at hand and be willing to write down any thoughts, ideas, or impressions that come your way. Don’t be concerned if non of this makes sense. Don’t even consult with anyone about what comes through to you. It might take a while, even days, before you reach clarity on what the moment revealed to you. But if you don’t take that private moment, you’ll never know.

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