Book Review: Wicked Lovely

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This is my first read by Melissa Marr.

I found Wicked Lovely a nice and easy read.  It was not a highly emotional fairy tale (like Black’s books – which of course, like everyone knows, I am a huge fan of), but it certainly had a charm of its own and I am looking forward to reading the next three in the series.

Aislinn is a teen girl who can see fairies.  She can also see her very “hot” friend, Seth, who is tattooed, pieced, and lives on his own in…..get ready for this….old train wagons. Very cool.  The writer must have seen an episode of “weird homes” when writing this book. It works well though because fairies cannot be around iron, and of course, the train is made of iron.

Seth is always making tea, which made me want to have a lot of tea while I was reading this book. For some reason or other, Aislinn and him are “best friends.” The reason why they are not “together” is because he is some kind of “playboy” who likes “one night stands.”

Aislinn tells Seth about her ability to see fairies, since she is getting courted by Keenan, the Summer King himself. Keenan is convinced that Aislinn is to be his Summer Queen, and if she fails and is not “the one,” she will forever carry the “cold,” meaning she will never get to be with Keenan (which is okay because she really likes Seth anyways), and will be an immortal fairy who can’t touch anything without turning it into ice (bummer).

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