Poem and Poet and Girl and Girl Poems and Ex Lovers and Singers

This is a poem by my friend and writing college, Ian Ghostt.  He lives in Miami and is working on a novel which I like to think of as a “very twisted” love story. His images are always provoking and I love that he takes risks – Ian pushes the envelope – making the reader cringe in their seat.  We are going to have to wait for his novel to be completed (hurry Ian!).  But while we wait, we can get a taste of Ian’s talent with one of his  poems.

I really love Ian’s poetry.  He understands the power of how sometimes words “don’t mean what they mean” – instead, they invoke an emotion, and leave your brain puzzled.  This is Ian’s most recent poem, and one of my favorite poems I’ve read in a long time.  

Poem and Poet and Girl and Girl Poems and Ex Lovers and Singers

Every poet is just a singer who lost his voice
Every poem is about this and only this and nothing but this
Poor boy just wants to sing
Poor me just wants to sing
But aren’t there woman poets?

Of course not
Every woman poet is only a singer afraid of the song
Never trust a poem whose words seem suspiciously unpoem like
Never trust a woman who claims she’s not a singer
Always so much to take away from the note not sung
Always so much is taken

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