Book Review: Fifth Grade Magic

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One of my writer friends  is getting a little tired of reading YA fantasy at least for”right now.”   She has read mounds and mounds of YA fantasy over the last…I don’t know…but at least a year for sure. She  mentioned that she may switch over the MG (Middle Grade), and it reminded me of one of my favorite books I read when I was a kid.

Fifth Grade Magic by Beatrice Gormley

I read this book when I was nine years old and I loved it.  It’s about a girl named Gretchen who really wants to start as the lead in the school play, only to find that the new girl (perfect blonde Amy who can’t act), get’s the lead. Gretchen invokes a fairy godmother and she gets one! Except this fairy doesn’t use a wand, uses an “enchantulator” (sort of like a calculator).  And starts getting Gretchen in all kinds of problems, including…switching bodies with Amy!

I did a little research on the author and I am quiet impressed with her accomplishments.  You can read more about Beatrice Gormley here

And I just found out there is a sequel to Fifth Grade MagicMORE Fifth Grade Magic!

I am adding them both to my reading list right now!

Okay, so I am still not done with Lament….not because it is a slow read by any means. It’s just been “one of those couple of weeks.” But I will have the review for it next week, I promise! 
See you on Wed!

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