“Sweetness, Sweetness I was only joking when I said I’d like to…

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smash every tooth in your head.”

Wow, those are some serious lyrics. So I am obsessed again.

This happens to me pretty often.  Music is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.  A trigger of sorts.  I like new music, old music, and even older music.  I recently rediscovered The Smiths – Big Mouth Strikes Again in particular.

Kris and I were having dinner at a cute little restaurant in Miami with another couple friend of ours (on a Groupon Coupon, of course).  We were talking about kids, and family, ideas,  the past, the future and then suddenly…this song came on in the background and my spirit was sniped.  My body was still present at the dinner, but my head was deep in story, melancholy, conflict, love, the supernatural…ideas came rushing into my head, characters knocking at my door.  I grabbed my phone, opened up memos and started jotting ideas down.

When I got home I had to find the song.   I knew it was Morrissey (his voice is, well…Morrissey) – but I didn’t know what song it was. I didn’t know much about The Smiths or Morrissey except the sound of his voice, and that song “How Soon is Now” (the theme song for Charmed). I Googled (Or Topekaed..I know…silly) The Smiths and sampled every song that came up until I heard the song.

To say that I have listened to this song three hundred times the last couple of  weeks is probably accurate.  I listen to it while writing (on loop of course), while driving (on loop of course), it wakes me up in the morning and it is playing in my head constantly (you guessed it, on loop). Obsessed you think?

To read more about The Smiths go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Smiths

To hear Big Mouth Strikes Again go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUqUqG-ZGoU

Does this happen to anyone out there? I would love to hear what you’re current obsession is and how does it make you feel?  What does it do for you?

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