What do teachers really think?

Teaching is one of those jobs that people certainly do not do for the money. Especially teaching middle grade and high school, where a fun finger painting game just wont cut it.

Middle graders/Highs schoolers are…well..young adults. That says it all. They need to be inspired, motivated, challenged intellectually, and more often than not, disciplined.
They need constant attention…and a teacher’s job is never done.
While out of class (and probably at home), the teacher must prepare her lesson plans and grade the work of the previous day. This may take her/him easily two hours or more, depending on the amount of students per class – which I understand sometimes topples 38, although there are only supposed to be 35 per class (as if that were totally manageable).
While in class, the teacher must keep the discipline going at all times. This means, no bathroom breaks, telling students to lower their hands (yes, every five second a hand will be up to ask a question someone else has just asked), and the most challenging of all…telling students to be quiet. A teacher can easily find themselves saying “be quiet”, “shush”, “why are your lips moving”, “Mr. So&So and Company please cease the chatter”, and finally “shut up”, possibly anywhere in the neighborhood of seventy five to one hundred times a day, if their class is a “talkative” one. Like which class isn’t, right?
In the midst of all this “disciplining”, the teacher must fine time to actually “teach”! Get the students to listen, to interact, to engage in the material.
The teachers must do all this almost standing seven hours a day, talking non-stop to their students, sometimes taking only a half hour to an hour break.
Teachers are so underpaid, it’s really kind of ridiculous….and sad. I wish there were more benefits for those who we entrust with our children’s academic education.
Teachers…this is for you. A big thank you from me to you. If I am ever in a position to lobby for you, please count me in.

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