The Marriage of Equals

I was going through a “phase” where the characters from Will and Grace had become…well…my friends. Not that I don’t have real friends, but I had watched so many reruns of W&G that sometimes I would just pop in the DVD to hear their familiar voice. You understand…right?
Who hasn’t seen the classic Will and Grace Episode aired on 4/18/2002 – Wedding Balls? Where the ever so comical Grace escorts Will’s cousin’s fiancé around New York gathering last minute wedding items – and she ends up trying the bride’s dress and having a moment? Remember? Okay good.
In this episode we also find the ever non-forgetful Karen, avidly reading a book called The Marriage of Equals by Rita Pigeon. Karen finds “Wilma” (Will) is also reading the book, and the two of them find a common ground where they become friends – leaving a sorrowful Just Jack! (insert jazz hands here) full of jealousy over their new found friendship.
Naturally, I, too, wanted to read The Marriage of Equals and join “the cool kids” (I know, sad). Well, guess what? There is no such book by such author. How could they do this to me? Ahem, I mean…their loyal fans?
Not to mention that it left me wondering about the marketing prowess of W&G’s producers. This would’ve been a perfect episode for the producers of W& G to make a buck. They left thousands of dollars on the table by not using a real author. A marketing opportunity gone by the waist side.
If you Google The Marriage of Equals – what you will find is a book published in 1993 by a Dennis L Lythgoe – currently out of print. There is nothing else on Dennis L Lythgoe that I was able to find. Who is this Dennis guy and did someone at W&G know him and use the title of his book?
Rita Pigeon, the fictional author used by W&G’s writers, came up on You know, that website that always shows up on your left side bar when you Google your old friend from high school. We found Rita Pigeon! Instant Address, Phone, Age and more! Free search now!
It’s been almost eight years since the episode aired, and I am still longing to read The Marriage of Equals by Rita Pigeon. It looked like such a fun read! At least my good friends Karen and Will thought it was. I wish Rita would show up and write it already.

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  1. Diana Texas Gal

    Well here I am, more than 15 years after the air date and i’m online searching for the book as well lmbo. Write the damn book already Rita!

  2. Susy

    I was looking for the book too and found you ! Lol. Thanks for sharing. I feel W&G are my dear friends too. Lol

  3. Courtney Brandt

    I Agree Diana..
    Ms Rita will you right the book already.. I’m waiting..

  4. Annja Schild?

    ?Just now I am googling for this book ? to !! And indeed when is it ginally getting ✍? written !!!!

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