Being a Mom : Unconditional Love

Mother’s Day is right around the corner – what more perfect time to talk about mothering.

When I was a little girl my mother used to talk to me about how much she loved me, and how no one on the entire planet could ever love me the way she does.  Yes, we’ve probably all heard our mothers say that one time or another, but none of us can fully understand what that means until we become parents ourselves.

The love we feel for our children is insurmountable.  It is a feeling we can only feel and experience when we become parents and I think that God does it this way because he doesn’t want non parents to know what they are missing.

Unconditional love.  What exactly is unconditional love? Without any conditions.  Loving without any conditions, no matter what.  This is the kind of love a parent feels for their child…but a child will only feel if and when he or she becomes a parent themselves. I consider this feeling one of the greatest surprises in the world.

I live with my mother now (we are in the hallway, remember?).  She does so many things for me.  Things I would not dare to ask of anyone or expect for anyone to do for me.  Like taking care of my son at a moment’s notice, ironing my shirts (or my husbands shirts!), cooking everyday to make sure I have a hot meal, making my doctors/dentist appointments, helping me with any project I may have, taking interest in any subject I want to talk about even if its something she finds boring (I will never know, because anything that comes out of my mouth she finds utterly interesting).  My mother loves me unconditionally.

That is the same way I feel about Jackson.  He can do no wrong.  No matter how cranky he is, or how much he cries, or what a pain he is being – the level of patience I have with him is beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life.  That is unconditional love.

I will love Jackson no matter what he decides to become or to be in his life.  I hope I can help raise a great man with great values who believes in a power greater than himself and can achieve all his dreams and goes for them! I want to offer him a safe environment, all the love and understanding, teach him how to fend for himself while taking the utmost care of him.

Being a Mother is the greatest and most rewarding job on the planet is not a cliche for no reason.

Here’s to all the Mother’s out there! Have a great mother’s day weekend!

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