It’s a….It’s a…It’s a….It’s a sin……

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And welcome to anything goes Friday on my blog.

What am I listening to, what am I working on and what am I reading?

Lately, I’ve been listening to the The Pet Shop Boys’ Discography again.  I just love this CD.  The whole thing.  The entire thing is awesome.  Song after song…hit after hit.  I don’t think I have ever voiced that!  It needed to be said.  Music is a huge source of inspiration for me.

With my writing, I have been in that space where I am receiving information, getting ideas. I am currently putting the final polish on The Innocents,  only because Publisher’s Weekly read my manuscript and what can I say? They had some good suggestions I just had to take! And by they way, they loved the main character’s voice! Which of course, send me over the moon.  I hope to have the corrections finished over the next three weeks. And then…back to my new project!

I am reading Ironside by Holly Black….she puts me in that place, by the way, the “receiving information” space.  I love Holly Black.  More about Ironside on Monday!

Here’s the Pet Shop Boys with Tonight is Forever…one of my favs (tell me know you don’t disagree)…

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