Movie: Teenage Dirtbag

I picked up this movie at my local video store over the weekend because 1) it was an independent film and 2) the cover looked enticing and 3) what an awesome title.

I have three words. O. M. G. I am so glad I saw this.

Teenage Dirtbag tells the story of Amber, a senior in high school, who is accosted by teen delinquent/classmate, Thayer. Thayer, of course, is drop dead gorgeous, unfortunately he is a pot head who has a horrible (and I mean horrible) life at home. As a result, he is kind of an %&*$(#.

Amber and Thayer end up taking a creative writing class together.  Thayer begins to pour his heart out in his amazing poetry, and slowly but surely, he infects every cell in Amber’s body.

The poetry in the film is exquisite! The raw emotions of love, hate, confusion, violence, hope, desperation are all caught in both the poetry and the film itself.  The actors, played by Noa Hegesh and  Scott Michael Foster, were superb.

I loved this movie. It was beautiful, torturous, gross, tender, disgusting, violent, enchanting, hopeful, melancholic….what an amazing combination of things.

Kudos to first time writer/director Regina Crosby for this amazing film.  It definitely has not received enough recognition.  This movie deserves to be on the big screen.  Making lots and lots of money. And maybe making lots and lots of parents upset.

To find out more about Teenage Dirtbag click here: The Movie

To see the trailer click here: Trailer

To see the gorgeous Scott Michael Foster in a mini interview click here: Scott Michael Foster Mini Interview

What are you waiting for! Go rent it right now!

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