The List Strikes Again: Social Media Profile Pic

Yesterday, while I was browsing, I ran into something that simply needs to be put on The List – ASAP (ooh, ASAP is almost on The List! We need to come up with a new one. How about QTASAP – Quicker Than As Soon As Possible?) Comments?

Okay…so here’s my rant.

No more Flipping Off and no more Sex Face on your social media profile picture.

For the boys: Remember when there was that time when it was cool to take your picture and stick out your middle finger? That meant you were a cool guy. In high school photos, there was always one clown that Flipped Off the photographer at the last second – and sometimes got away with it – so we all ended with the group photo and cool guy flipping us off for eternity.

Oh yeah, it was funny. We all had a laugh. We all loved you. But guess what? You are not in high school anymore and you need to stop. Flipping Off for your social media profile picture? Not so cute anymore. You know you are out there, you know who you are. Consider this your cease and desist order! Put that finger down! You are cute and we like you just the way you are.

And for girls. Please stop making the Sex Face. You know what face I am talking about. Yeah, that one right there. The Sex Face. It’s over done. Really. Look. I have been guilty of it myself. But I have learned my lesson. I have moved on. There are many ways of looking sexy – get creative, think of a theme, or a persona you want to project! Put on a costume, heck…wear a wig! Get your make up out! Do old Hollywood. I don’t know. Anything. Anything but… “here’s me, in my everyday clothes, doing the Sex Face.”

Okay. So that’s my rant for Cole Porter’s Anything Goes Fridays. Please feel free to comment. As you know, I am always compiling things to put on The List! We can fight the war of the uncool together. One passé, clichéd activity at a time. I would love to hear from you and any other things that should go on The List.

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