Great Read !

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I think this is the author’s first book – (I have to admit I bought the book because the author’s name was so different! lol!) – I hope she writes a sequel to this! Its just cool – its weird – different – lovely. Authors are supposed to have imagination – Seven N Blue surely delivers.
Myla is not your average “pushover” (i think some of you know who I’m talking about!) – Myla is human. All complete with an enormous ego (and an – all unmentioned insecurities) She feels misunderstood – and somehow she pushes everyone away – including her parents. And like the old saying goes….you don’t know what you have until its gone. Myla’s devil-may-care attitude, the larger than life characters (dollface!), and the beautifully and “so-urban” crafted adventure is what make this book a read that will take you one afternoon.

I highly recommend The Lunatics – its a fun one to read in a slumber party passing around too (by candlelight and popcorn!). Each chapter ends on a cliffhanger!