Quickly…on The Pillars of The Earth, the miniseries.

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One of the greatest stories ever told…Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth.  If you have not read this book you need to stop whatever you are doing right now and order a hard cover copy on Amazon.  I promise you that you will be glued to the book (about 1000 pages), and won’t be able to put it down until you have reached the last page.

It is one of my favorite books ever (that’s not YA). It is told in third person point of view and based in 1120 AD with rich characters and multiple plots – each one more scandalous than the last! Yes!

Starz recently came out with the miniseries, and they are half way through.  I heard their subscribers increased dramatically because they were hosting the miniseries!

I have been watching them on Netflix (who also has them on-demand), and so far, I am happy with the results, although naturally, the book is a better experience all around, but if you just simply don’t have the time to read at the moment, or anytime soon, be sure to catch the miniseries on Starz!

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