On Working Out….

“I don’t have time! How will I ever fit it in my schedule! I am too tired! I don’t have the energy to do it!”

Exercising your muscles is not just about having a 90210 body, its so much more than that. For those of us you who have a regimented workout schedule, you know what I am talking about.
It is an exercise in spirituality, centering ourselves, breathing a ton, stretching our muscles and minds…fighting against gravity, against time…And the bonus is a body that is nice to look at and nice to live in (phew…I almost used “killer” body!).

Peeps, the Romans were on to something. Turns out Shapeliness is next to Godliness.

I have always been an avid exerciser. With my recent move to Miami, I had to “fall out” of my routine and look for a new one. A new routine to fit my very different schedule of Miami life.
After almost three months of not exercising my body, I felt different, scattered brain, more stressed out, not caring what food I ate or didn’t eat. Then it hit me! MY WORKOUT!

I began my schedule which consists of a gym with a daycare where my little J can have a great time socializing with other kids while Mommy gets a workout. After only my first workout, I was almost ten feet tall again. Focused, energized, less stress, and suddenly I cared about having broccoli again.

So stop with the excuses and start working out. Feeling good about yourself will only help you achieve your dreams. You heard it here first.

Signing off…SNB.

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