Movies that Rock: The Runaways

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I know, I know….”rock” used as an adjective should really go on “the list” sooner than later.  But I couldn’t help the pun on this…since The Runaways is about the famous rock band from the seventies.

I can’t even remember where my unconscious media eye caught a glimpse of the cover of The Runaways DVD and I had to just pick it up at the local video store the next day.

I have never been a Joan Jett fan, and really, knew nothing of The Runaways except that it was a teen girl band in the seventies, and that she was a big part of it.

The movie itself was…strange. Made up of a few cut/paste scenes…but the acting by Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie were pretty amazing.  The story itself was excellently told, and quite accurate too (did my research after watching the movie).

The Runaways make most girl bands today look like…they need to runaway and rethink their music strategy.

I have a new found respect for Joan Jett and I predict a shift in girl music.  One can only hope.

Here’s a video of the real Runaways doing  Cherry Bomb (Cherie Currie was only seventeen and hugely famous already).

And here’s a video of Joan Jett doing Crimson & Clover…she must have been like 22 or so…very cool!

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