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Sometimes in life, we have to shut some doors before others are opened for us.

Sometimes in life, it’s not easy to shut doors.

We become too attached to things, or toxic relationships, or old ideas about our behavior towards ourselves and others.

The Universe speaks to us through our instinct.  It is important that you sit and listen.

The hardest part is usually to take the action to shut the door, but once it’s done, a feeling of elation will follow.

What doors do you need to shut in your life once and for all?

I consider shutting old doors to have new ones open one of Life’s Universal Truths.

Here’s an entry from The Spirit is Calling about other Universal Truths:

The Power of Wisdom

Having more information may grant you knowledge, but it will not guarantee wisdom.  There are a lot of educated  people who lack wisdom.  And there are very wise people who lack education. The two do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Wisdom comes from knowing Universal Truth; that which is true for all people under any circumstance.  Here are examples of Universal truth.

What you send out returns back to you.

You can only attract what you are.

You cannot receive anything you’re not first willing to give.

Everything changes.  Nothing in this world is permanent.

Love is the reason you exist and the only thing worth living for.

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