1200 Words/Day Challenge – Part Deux!

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I know, Part Deux immediately makes you think of Charlie Sheen and Hot Shots – I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to make you go there.  Okay, follow me…here’s where I want you to go…ready?

Welcome to Part Two of 1200 Words/Day Challenge! A little different this go around!

  • Is your novel half done?
  • Is your first draft completed but you can’t get motivated to roll up your sleeves?
  • Do you have an idea floating around but can’t sit you butt down long enough to write a first draft?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you better get on the bandwagon! We are doing it again!

1200 words a day!

  • If you’re novel’s half done (write 1200 a day)
  • If your draft is completed – revise 1200 words (about 3-4 pages per day)
  • If your idea is floating around but you haven’t sat down to write it! (write 1200 a day).

The Rules:
Challenge Starts on February 1st
Target Finish Date April 1st

That’s 60 days Debloggers!

If you need a day off writing 1200 a day, double up the next day and write 2400 – don’t take more than one day off!

If you have a rough outline or idea of plot it will help. If not, trust the writing process and your muse!

How to join:
E- mail me at sevennblue(at)gmail(dot)com join. In the subject line simply write: 1200

The “Check In” Rules:
All writers all welcome to post their daily progress, brag about what you wrote, comment on challenges, frustrations, victories, and just connect with other writers on tips and craft! Just post your comments below!
Click on 1200 Words/A Day tab to log in progress!

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