A Picture Says 65,000 words

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Dearly Debloggers,

Quick update: The Lunatics continues to sell at a steady pace and it is getting great reviews. Something I must admit I am thrilled about 🙂 Thank you all for reading and getting into the mind of Myla, Christian and Joesphine…the beautiful crazies! and for those of you who have inquired…yes, there will be a sequel.

In other news: I am gearing up to start revisions on the first draft novel I completed back in Nov during nanowrimo!  Its going to be…a special one. Also young adult…but no fantasy here…as real as it gets actually.

This morning I ran into this photo. First person who can guess what it is I will send you a signed copy of The Lunatics. Email me at sevennblue at gmail dot com with your answer.

I love this picture. A whole novel can be written with this cast of characters. Who says a picture isn’t worth 65,000 words?



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