Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest! Quarterfinals!

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Okay! So technically it’s still Wednesday and I can post and still meet my blog deadline! The reason I am soooo late is because I was taking care of a lot of babies today! Yes! My son who is two, my three nephews who are two, six and eight, and my little cousin twice removed who is 30 days old. Oh yeah.  It was fun.  But I was unable to do anything else except play with them all day long.  I was grateful 🙂

But enough about that! Guess what? Yippee! I made it! I made it to the Quaterfinals for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest! Incredible! Out of 1000 entries, they chose 250 and The Innocents made it! And with flying reviews!

I am so over the moon!

Amazon is allowing customers to do reviews on Quaterfinalists based on the excerpt and the project info.  If you want to give me a review you can go here

You will need to login with your Amazon customer ID.

Thanks Everyone!

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