Anonymous – The Movie – Part 2

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Dearly DeBloggers,

I finally saw Anonymous…(refer to my earlier post)…and the first thing that came to mind was…to quote the great  Dali…

“Art cannot exist without ego.”  And if what the movie suggests is true,  then the man we call Shakespeare had to watch in the wings as his life’s work was celebrated and accredited to a selfish drunken thief.

Can you imagine?

I thought Pete Best (former Beatle), had received the shortest end of the stick in history, but I think Edward, Earl of Oxford (the “real” Shakespeare), takes the cake.

All in all, it was a beautifully executed movie (magic realism interlaced in many aspects of different relationships – The Queen, Ben Jonson, Shakespeare…etc). The cast was well selected. I really loved the young Edward played by Jamie Campbell Bower, Sebastian Armesto was simply amazing as Ben Jonson! More please! And of course….the choice to have Vanessa Redgrave as the Old Queen….well…pure poetry (since she was a Shakespearean actress of course).

I think the thing that spoke the most to me personally was the way Edward felt about writing…he says “I have to write or they just don’t shut up!” I think all of us that write know what he means.

Once the story enters your head (or a character) it’s everywhere you look.

It Waits For you.

Taunting You.

And The Only Way to Rid of It… to write it.

Bravo for Anonymous!

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