Back to Basics : BIC

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Dearly DeBloggers,

A few things on whats going on with Sevenn.

1) totally have failed on my quest of revising TPAT on time – Yes. It’s true. It happened. I have not kept my writing schedule and as a result have fallen significantly behind on revision work (pretty wonky).

2) completely got diverted on jotting down ideas for new non YA novel (not as tragic).

3) got diverted by a personage of the late 16th century (just go with it).

And as result I am back to square one. How do I feel abut square one? I love square one. Come on! A rectangle of four equal sides? What’s not to love?!

All kidding aside, I am committing to reworking my writing schedule.  1 hour a day. Starting today.

Seth – if you are out there and reading this – consider your butt officially kicked!

And to quote some great ‘Pop-isms”

“Let’s do this thing.”


“Bam! That just happened”


And in the meantime…check out “No One’s Gonna Love You More.” By Band of Horses –

Warning: Lead singer’s teeth are alltogether frightening – but his pretty blue eyes and sweet melodic voice totally make up for it…mmmmm!





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