“Bam! That just happened!”

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Dearly Debloggers, Seven is having a major week this week! Did she just talk about herself in the third person?  Yeah, she did. Oops, and she did it again! Okay, back to me. Yeah, let’s talk about me some more because I am sooooo interesting!

Real quick. This week I am transitioning from one job to another and it’s been a bit hectic. I have fallen 2400 words behind on the 1200/day challenge, but totally picked it back up today and already back on track!

Anyone else out there besides Beth and I keeping up with the challenge? I’d love to hear from you.

So of course, right in the middle of the 1200 a day challenge (and the transitioning work challenge), guess what happens? I get totally inspired to write a short story (which I have not done so in a while)! I tried ignoring the “urge” but then I came up with a title, and those of you who know me know what happens when I come up with a title.  I am pretty much done and I have to write the friggin’ story!

I am trying to keep it under 4000 words, so we’ll see.

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