Book Review: City of Bones

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Let me start by saying that this is a NY Times Best Seller series. City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare – is one of those books that looks nothing like the cover, at least this cover!

As you can see here, the cover showcases a “shadowhunter” (kills evil demons), over the city of New York, and although all those elements are in the story, the “shadowhunter” on the cover looks to be about thirty, right?  I think this is supposed to be Jace (pronounced Jaycee), who is actually seventeen and the main character’s, Clary,  love interest.

Clary, sixteen,  runs into a group of “shadowhunters” at her local night club (for teens). Soon after, her mother is kidnapped by paranormal evil forces, and Clary is forced to go on a quest with her new found friends.

This story has a really great twist at the end (spoiler alert here – you have been warned!) that makes this popular YA fantasy plot differ from many others.  Ready to find out?
Okay, scroll down!

We find out that Jace is Clary’s brother, which obviously makes things very interesting and leaves you wanting to read book two, just to find out how the heck is this paranormal (now incestuous) relationship is going to turn out! I have some ideas, but would love to see what the author did.

I have place my order for book two with the local library (budget guys! budget! sorry!)

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