Book Review: Flash Burnout

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By L.K. Madigan…

I picked up Flash Burnout after hearing praises of it at the writeoncon conference.  People were praising its genius “boy” first person point of view.  As we all know, male YA is just a little harder to sell, right? It’s hard to have a girl pick up a book in a male’s voice. But I gotta hand it to Madigan, she did a fantastic job.

There is no paranormal or fantastic elements in this book. Just a regular teenage boy with a girlfriend, and a friend who is slowly gaining “more than just a friend” status.

The voice is superb.  Blake, the main character, is fresh, funny, and full of hormones. The interactions between him and his brother ring so true, it was hard to believe a woman was writing this novel! It is by far one of the best male POV novels I have read for YA.

It kept me entertained the whole way through, rooting for “the other girl” while watching Blake make mistakes he didn’t even know he was making (so true to the human condition!).

And don’t even get me started on Chick Trickster! The “evil” school Dejay. So cool.

If you want a quick, “feel good” kind of read… definitely pick up Flash Burnout. 

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