Book Review: Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley

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     I picked up Ghostgirl by Tanya Hurley after seeing a soccer mom reading it in a hotel lobby.  I am shocked that no one’s written this story before…at least not in this fashion anyways.

     Charlotte Usher, a seemingly invisible high school girl, dies by gummy bear stuck in throat and is thrust into Dead Ed School.

     The novel is written if third person past tense, and the voice is innocent, funny and and smart – not what your typical goth teen sounds like at all…but I think the plot lends itself to make this a goth novel nonetheless. A  goth tale and full of opportunity for amazing marketing (see book cover done coffin style). The book cover looks like something found at the Hot Topic store.

     And to complete the goth feel, the book opens up with mention of The Cure’s Why Can’t I Be You followed by Evanescence Bring me Back to Life.

     Are you “rolling your eyes” (YA cliche, he he), thinking…geez..not another goth teen tale with lyrical cameos by The Cure and Evanescence, and cover art reminiscent of  Emily the Strange?
 Well folks, I hate to break the news…but it was actually done very well.  I think Tonya Hurley nailed it.

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