Book Review: The Body Finder

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By Kimberly Derting.  Yes, yes, yes! Another book title I picked up at the writeoncon conference.

The Body Finder follows Violet, a teenage girl who can hear the dead calling to her.  Specifically the dead that have been unjustly murdered, that is. Have we seen this premise before? Absolutely.  Did the author capture characters and style and made it her own, so much so, that I could not put the book down? Oh yeah!

There is a new killer in town, and he is after young girls – and Violet must catch him before he kills anymore. Except there’s so many other things going on, like her real life! She’s got a crush on Jay she can’t deny, and she must continue living her everyday life, except the voices won’t leave her alone until she catches the killer.

Written in third point of view, Derting goes from chapter to chapter, intermittently jumping from the killer’s head, back to Violet’s head. The two voices are done superbly.  The killer’s voice is soooooo creepy, it actually made my skin crawl…seriously (“It rubs the lotion on its skin” creepy…okay? If you didn’t get that reference Google it!)

Excellently done!

Here’s more about Kimberly Derting

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