Book Review: White Cat by Holly Black

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What? You’re kidding! A book review on Wednesday?

Yes, couldn’t wait til Monday!

I know, I know…I’ve said it adnauseum, I-love-Holly-Black.

This was a completely different novel for Black.  Wow. Totally different.  One, because it is told from a male point of view, and two, its about curse workers (curse workers = people who perform magic with a touch of their hand…you can be a “luck” worker, or a “death” worker, or an “emotions” worker).

Cassel Sharpe has a problem, he is from a family of curse workers  – except he is not a “worker” himself, but he’s killed a girl. Workers are sort of like “the mafia” – There are “families” and everything,  just like the mob.

Blacks voice comes through in her main character’s coffee drinking smart-ass teenager, but still, this was a very different novel for her.

During the last third of the book, some fantastic stuff starts happening, and the book ends with an amazing turn of events that really leaves me waiting for the sequel.

Holly Black has done was many author’s cannot achieve – she has written something completely different from all her other award winning novels.  White Cat ends on a fantastic note, and if I know Black, she is going to knock it out of the ball park with book two of The Curse Workers.

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