Book Review: Writing The Breakout Novel – Donald Mass

Look.  I am as guilty as the next person for having thought for the last two years this book was just another “tell me how to write a book” book – sharing nothing I’ve never heard before.  I was not going to fall for the trap. No…not the “How To” trap!

Well…I hate to break the news (I think this saying is on the list by the way), but I was wrong! What? Huh? Come again? Me wrong? Impossible?

Beth, my writing “padner” turned me on to it, and I am so glad she did.  It’s the way that Mass explains how first time novelists write vs. pros, and how we can catch those things going into our first drafts.

My favorite part is the checklist at the end of each chapter.  It really gives you a starting point when picking up your WIP’s outline.

Secret: It’s at the public library…read it, if you love it….like I am loving it….buy it! Sorry Mr. Mass, but we are writers! Kinda broke right now! Oh, and thanks for the awesome book! But don’t worry, I will by the “Workshop” book (what? there is a workshop book that comes along with it? I know, amazing!)