Escape to San Francisco with The Lunatics

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Look – being boring was definitely not my scene. I was ready for gulp, ciggies, and cutting class – any day of the week.

And I was fine. Totally fine.

Until I met him.

The tattoo artist.

Christian Lunatic.

He told me life as I knew it would forever change…. Of course, I didn’t believe his ridiculous statement for one second…until I found both my parents dead.

And suddenly, all these insane family secrets and lies begin to surface – and I am left with no choice but to run the streets of San Francisco’s seedy side to find out the truth about my parent’s death.

…And I feel like I am going crazy….

But the truth of it all.. is that I can make you crazy… because you see…I must steal the sanity of mortals for my own survival.

My name is Myla Su Blackbird and me and my witchkind….are Innocents.

The Lunatics Available in Paperback (or Kindle $2.99)




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