Great Free Webinar at CreateSpace! This Thursday 3/17!

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Dearly Debloggers,

As promised, I bring you news of contests, tips, free webinars and anything publishing! Here’s today’s great find! Register now!

From: CreateSpace

We hope you’ll join us for our monthly web seminar,Beginners Guide to Book Marketing, to be held on March 17, 2011 at 6:00 PM ET/ 3:00 PM PT.
Most authors reach the point where they say, “My manuscript is done – now what do I do?” This is a crucial moment because the decisions you make here can affect the success or failure of your entire publishing venture. After the manuscript is completed, there is much the author needs to do regardless of the publishing option chosen (POD, royalty, independent). There are steps that must be taken – in the proper sequence – to give your book its best chance of success. This course is a primer to getting on the proper path and moving in the right direction on your book-publishing journey.

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