Jackson’s First Day of School

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Dearly Debloggers,

Welcome to Wednesday. The first official Wednesday of 2011. I wonder how many resolutions have already been broken. I know of one for sure. My sister said she was eating no chocolate in January, it’s only the fifth and I already caught her desperately opening a Hershey’s kiss while stalling a little too long in the car. That woman will never quit eating sweets. Never I tell you. Never.

Which brings me to a total unrelated topic and the title of this post. Today, was my son Jackson’s “first official day in school” well, head start school.

He’s only three (just turned three in Nov), but’s he’s super smart (of course he is – what insane parent wouldn’t say that), and fully bilingual (kudos to mommy here – I only ever speak to him in Spanish) – so to say he is ready for a head start school (oh, rides bike with no training wheels – kudos to daddy here) – is the understatement of the year (oh, and it’s like five days into the year, so we’re good – many more understatements to come).

Thought he’d cried. Thought he’d want his monkey (whole other blog post on this). Thought he wouldn’t want me to go. Nope. None of that happened. The morning went something like this – except in Spanish:

Me: “Jacksie, ready to go to school?” (by the way, we call him Jacksie, and he calls Michael Jackson, Michael Jacksie – pretty freaking funny).

Jackson: “Jacksie is going to school…yaaaay!”

Me: “Grab your back pack.”

Jackson: “Okay.”

We start heading out the door. Jackson stops and heads back in.

Jackson: “Wait, I want to take my cars.” (goes to the bathroom where he grabs his plastic container full of matchbox cars and heads back out the door).

Jackson: “Wait, I want to take a book.” (Grabs a mini version of “The Beauty and the Beast” and shows it to me) It’s for homework mommy.”

Me: (smiling to myself because he has no idea what he is talking about, but has seen his older cousins do homework..with some sort of book…Jackson figured any book would do). Okay Jacksie.

The whole way to school he is chanting “Jacksie school, Jacksie school, Jacksie school.”

We get to the school, he gets out of the car (forgets the matchbox cars – thank goodness), walks in, takes off his backpack and jacket, sits down with the other kids, and waves goodbye at me.

I told you…ready for head-start school? The understatement of the year!

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