Just The Funny!

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Just The Funny Improv Comedy Theatre Company - Miami, Florida - South Florida -Improv Shows - Improv Classes - Sketch Comedy - Corporate Training

Last week my husband and I went on our “alloted date night.” It was my turn to plan it (okay, so it’s really always my turn to plan it…but hey, I am good at that!), so I chose a romantic (and inexpensive) Italian Restaurant in Coral Way (this is for South Florida folks!) Caffe Abbracci, and for the evening entertainment, I got us tickets to Just The Funny – which was an awesome deal at ten bucks a head!

What is Just The Funny? Its long improvisation! Comedy sketches! Two hours filled of hi-larious stuff! Guys, we were in stitches! These guys are really good! And the sad part was…there was hardly anyone there! I could not believe it! Maybe 8 of us in the audience!

If you are in South Florida, please check out these guys! They are a hoot! And if you are anywhere else in the country, check out your local long form Improv troupe. It’s such a great alternative to going to a movie!

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