Love Letter #22

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Dearly DeBloggers, Love Letter #22, found 11/28



I had time to think this through.

Obviously, I was just your Betty Page. 24/7. I didn’t see past your skin.

But that was probably because you blindfolded me so often. I couldn’t tell how diluted it was.

How decrepit, faint and feeble.

I saw you walking home with her last night. She seemed happy and oblivious to your ailment…and as

usual, you seemed void. Your hair looks nice but you’re wearing that tired sweater.

It’s not a jacket.

Here you go: I don’t. Love you. Anymore.

Honestly, I question I ever did…

Best, James.

ps: I think you should know…we are moving to Palma Mallorca.

pss: I was always better with words.


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