Mask Mystery Theater, Take #27

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“No. No. Nooooooooo! I wont have it!”  THE MESSMAKER is making a mess of THE MASKS’ German vintage magazine collection. “If you get a pet monkey….its completely over between us. It’s either the monkey or me!”

“You’ve got to get over your fear of monkey my dear,” says THE MASK.

“I will never get over the fear. How can you not see? Their hands look like their feet! It’s creepy and I can’t drink spiked tea with a monkey watching me!”

THE MASK, like the perfect gentleman he is, promises to keep the monkey in the dark room while THE MESSMAKER is visiting. But that solution doesn’t work.

“First of all, the dark room is one of my favorite places to stop time, and third of all…everyone knows that monkeys have x-rated vision and can see through walls!” THE MESSMAKER has trouble with the order of numbers.

“Ah yes, the x-rated monkey vision. How can one forget about such details.”  THE MASK quietly smirks knowing he has finally found the perfect anecdote to THE MESSMAKER’s unannounced “Bread Pudding” visits.


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