Mask Mystery Theater Take #37

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Mask Mystery Theater Take #37


While waiting for the bus THE MASK educates THE MESSMAKER on Mannequins.


“Be weary, they are everywhere.” Keeping his cool, THE MASK looks straight ahead.

“It is a beautiful day.” THE MESSMAKER, never as cool and collected as her dear friend THE MASK, frantically looks to her left and her ¬†right.

“Exactly.” At first, THE MASK worried about his dear friend THE MESSMAKER, thinking that perhaps she did not know about the sun and the Mannequins but after her response (it is a beautiful day) he knew she knew.

“It’s a Male Mannequin world.” THE MESSMAKER ran her short stubby fingers through her tangled auburn hair.

They chatted about how surprised they both were that so many folks were still opposed to Mixed Mannequins.

“Neo-Mannequism.” THE MASK talked about how Mannequins attempted to reinvent themselves. “How can you possibly know if you are speaking to one…or sitting on one?”

He preached Neo- Mannequism.

“The most frightful one is the Mannequin-In-Disguise.”

“Ah…yes, they do love costumes.”

“And they are phone experts.”

“Of course.”

“Of course.”

THE MASK and THE MESSMAKER spent the rest of the afternoon talking about The Mannequin Armageddon and The Mannequin Meltdown.

The bus never came.


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