Mask Mystery Theater, Take #5.5

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Taking a long slow drag from the eight inch long cigarette holder, THE MESSMAKER says “I have proved it.”

“How can you prove that people are either multipliers or dividers?”

THE MESSMAKER adjusts her multiple layers of silk shirts she wore today. Today – the hottest day of the year. THE MESSMAKER never, not even once having visited the dry cleaners – thought it was a good day to wear all her silk shirts, sweat them all, and take them all to the dry cleaners at once.

“Like THE FUNMAKER for example. She always says things like; there must have been five-hundred people at the coffee shop.”

“Oh, I see your point; she’d be classified as a¬†multiplier.”


THE MASK lights a Cuban cigar his friend had brought him back from a visit to Cuba in 1936. ¬†“I think you almost have a point there my dear MESSMAKER.”

“That’s because you are a divider. You clearly see I have a point and you divide it by half.”

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