nanowrimo 26,000 words! Two weeks! Half way in!

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Dearly DeBloggers, already 26K words in, and if it wasn’t because I am so flipping tired from having my son’s b-day party today, I would’ve probably written another 2000 words.

I am officially mid way with my first draft, which I am hoping I can do a Stephen King on, and hopefully only have to revise a total of three times – versus twenty three times!

Quick self interview:

Me1: “So…Seven…how are you feeling about The Poisoned Apple Tree?”

Me2: “I am very excited about this project. I think its daring, dangerous, sexy, downright creepy, and although incredibly “fantastic” it is based on real life…there is nothing fantasy or science fiction, or existing in another other realm of our imagination. That’s the creepiest part of this book. It is actually based on reality.

Me1: “Can you tell us anything about it?”

Me2: “I can’t talk too much about it yet – but let’s just say its about a girl who thinks she meets God. Key word here being…”thinks”.

Me1: “Wow, that sounds great.”

Me2: “You don’t know the half of it – or maybe you do, since you have written half!”

Me1: “You’re right Seven…you are so clever, and witty.”

Me2: “Will not argue with you there…”

Ok DeBloggers – there it is – just a jist.

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